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The Pilot Research Program (PRP) supports collaboration between faculty members from The University of Houston and MD Anderson Cancer Center on research emphasizing the prevention of cancer-related health disparities among black and Hispanic groups. The PRP supports the research base for tobacco-and lifestyle-related disparities research, laying a research foundation and bringing in new investigators to this research area. Through this program, new investigators develop innovative, exciting, and impact research that are conducted in community-based and clinical settings and develop as future leaders in cancer disparities research.


The pilot project investigators are Early Stage Investigators who benefit from senior mentors and an experienced investigative team and the guidance of the Administrative Core. This mentorship is supplemented with training and educational opportunities through the Education Program curricula and activities. Pilot projects are complementary to the overarching mission of the UHAND partnership in their emphasis on understanding and addressing the social determinants of cancer risk factors and/or are developing interventions to affect cancer risk factors among black and/or Hispanic individuals. UHAND scholars-in-training are highly involved in the research process.

Pilot Project 1

Mexican Immigrants' Biological and Behavioral Cancer Risk Based on Stress.

Pilot Project 2

Watchful Living: A lifestyle intervention for black and Hispanic prostate cancer patients and their partners

Pilot Project 3

Novel Formulation of Synthetic Retinoid for Chemoprevention.

Covid 19
Administrative Supplement

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Cancer Care and Health-Related Quality of Life of Racial and Ethnic Minority Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


I recently had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Daphne Hernandez and Dr. Rosenda Murillo on their Stress & Health Study. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to do so. This project was very interesting to me because it addressed many issues present in the Hispanic community.At the end of the study I worked alongside others to create a poster presentation for the Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute kick-off event this December. This poster is one of the three selected “award-winning” posters. Working on this study has by far been the best experience I have had throughout my college career. I am determined to pursue my Master’s or Doctorate degree after my Bachelor’s so that I can continue to work on research.


Nadia Garcia Marroquin

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